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Imagine looking at the sky, filled with thousands of tiny little sparkly stars. Wouldn’t that be simply wonderful? Well, stargazing is one of the oldest hobbies of mankind. However, we live in such a tech-centric world that it has made it easier to enjoy the cosmos like never before.

Today, we all live in areas that has been modernized, which means, the levels of pollution is also higher than normal. So basically, lying down on the cool wet grass while looking up high into the sky to see the diamond-like sparkle of the stars has become increasingly impossible. But all is not lost, there are special places or natural observatories across the globe that make stargazing a wondrous experience. Keeping reading to know more.

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Mauna Kea, Hawaii: Hawaii’s Highest Point

Located almost 13,800 feet above the sea level, Mauna Kea is an inactive volcano and also a place where numerous observatories are present. Since it sports dry climate throughout the year, this place is totally perfect for stargazing and even astronomical observations.

Here, you will find 13 observatories, which belong to 11 different countries. If you are planning on visiting and don’t own a telescope, the Visitor Information Station at Mauna Kea provides publicly-funded telescopes. This will definitely enhance your experience and the volunteers present there will ensure you make the most of it. If you want to view the entire Southern Cross in the U.S then this is the only place to do so.

Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Declared as UNESCO World-Heritage Site, Sagarmatha is located at the base of the majestic Mt. Everest. It is a hilly park and a treat for all the stargazers out there. When the sun sets and the dark brooding clouds take over, you are in for a visual treat of the Milky Way just above the Himalayas. Generally, tourists are asked to stay the night to ensure they have a wondrous experience.

Trysil, Norway

Located in Hedmark Country, in Norway, Trysil is one of the most popular destinations for skiing and various other winter sports. And of course, it has the clearest skies in the whole of Scandinavia, making it the perfect place to view the Milky Ways and the Northern Lights. For all the stargazers who want to view the fascinating natural phenomenon, this is the place to be.

Easter Island

Along with stargazing does history also fascinate you? Well then, mark this as your next travel destination. At Easter Island, you will find iconic heads. They are a series of statues that were sculped during 12th to the 17th Century. This island has a rich history and provides stargazers with the perfect spot.

Did you know? Natives of the Easter Island navigated through the Pacific using their knowledge of the stars. Today, along with experiencing the enthralling beauty, you can also learn more about astronomy with the help of stargazing experience tours.

Atacama Desert, Chile

A 1000 km plateau, which stretches along the Chile’s Pacific Coast, Atacama Desert is an exceptional location for stargazing. Located far away from the city, it sports an ideal height and has dry climate throughout the year. If you are a newbie, you can always rely on astro-tours, where you can take in some of the clearest skies across the globe. Also, Atacama is home to Alma Observatory, which is the largest astronomical project today.

So, now you know where to head to explore the unadulterated skies across the globe to witness the beauty of cosmos.

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