Ben Canales, a renowned photographer based in New Jersey, did not have many stars to view in his sophisticated machines. However, after failing to view what inspires him most, Ben decided to acquire more cameras and binoculars that would help him to have a better view of the galaxy. He now spends most of his nights outside trying to get that perfect view of the stars. He always points his cameras towards the horizon so that he may capture perfect views of the heavens and the land as well. Some of the tips that he uses to shoot the night skies are discussed here.

Choice of location to have a perfect shot of the stars

Night sky shot by a lake
Night sky shot by a lake

One of the primary things that you need to do is to step away from the city that you are used to. It does not matter whether you are traveling or not. You must find an area that has adequate natural light and that this is not the polluting kind such as is associated with urban, built-up areas. If you are into getting clear skies, make sure that you move close to 50 miles away from the city in your locality.

After that, get a landscape feature that you can use as a key feature. Can you spot a mountain on the horizon? Is there a lake that will give you perfect reflections of the stars? In addition to a natural feature, it is also important to find an object, something like an old barn if you are in rural scenery, and that can form part of your foreground as part of a scale comparison.

How to balance the light of the stars and the foreground

Photographer lit the landscapes
Photographer lit the landscapes

It is important to try to have dark surroundings, apart from any natural star or moonlight. Once you start with completely dark photos, you will be at liberty to add more light as you deem fit. If you are out during a night that has no moonlight at all, it is important to note that stars set at a given level. In such a night, make sure that you use some small LEDs that will help you add more light to each photo. You will be free to choose to view what you want on each photo. Take a host of photos so that you can enjoy viewing them later.


How can you manage the moonlight?

You can find yourself out during the new moon the lunar phase when usually it is not visible with the naked eye. The moon is visible up to half the size. Once you find yourself in such a scenario, the moon can emit more light making the view of the sky at night appear like the day. If you want to have a full shot of the moon, ensure that you peer towards the skies so that you may view the stars.

There is no view of the moon that can give you clarity of the stars. Once you factor in the moon, you can use its light to help illuminate the photos that you take. The landscape you are using can also be illuminated by this lunar light. And one last thing, before you venture out to shoot the night skies, make sure that you understand the times of the moon’s rising and setting cycles.

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