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    and a worthwhile hobby

    Gives me lifetime captivating observations and revelations as an astronomy hobbyist.

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    I took time to educate myself about the wonders and fascinating facts about astronomy.

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My Favorite Astronomy Topics



Featured Things on The Internet

There is lots of stuff in the sky, but let’s not forget about exciting things happening on the Internet – daily. This small corner will be used to leave you some notes on things I find interesting. Subjective, assorted.

Latin LecheDid you know the latest trend in making abroad adventures more interesting? Guys from the latin milk are pretty crazy about certain things they do with money, so it was no surprise they decided to go to South America looking for some broke guys willing to take certain steps. Visit latinleche.org

BrattyMILFBratty MILF – the next era of bratty series. Watch these spoiled MILFs doing their best to enjoy the world right here, right now. Luring young guys into their homes they do what any bratty MILF would do! Visit BrattyMILF.tube for all video content.

Brazzers ExxtraBrazzers Exxtra is here when you need that extra thrill during your day. Watch they very best of Brazzers brand in this unsorted subseries featuring the very same HQ of videos. The most stunning models, same absurd fantasy situations and lots and lots of humping. This is how Brazzers plays!

Rocco Siffredi - OfficialRocco Siffredi – the Italian Stallion has his new home. Watch all the newest productions worthy of his seal of approval. Both him and his friends in adventures that bring the ultimate pleasure not only for performers but for you as well! This name has been trademark and there is a reason for that, take a look yourself!


Just Another Astronomy Hobbyist

Astronomy is a thrilling and a worthwhile hobby that gives me lifetime captivating observations and revelations as an astronomy hobbyist.

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What makes up the Milky Way?