One of Van Gogh’s famous art pieces, titled Starry Night, depicts a bright night sky with enlarged stars overlooking a small village. Van Gogh created this masterpiece after developing an interest in the stars that appear across the night sky. This stellar-themed art inspired many others to create compelling paintings using the same inspiration – the sky at night in all its glory.

Apart from inspiring art, sky gazing enables one to appreciate the beauty and consistency of constellations. Sky gazing also inspires deep thought and conversation on galaxies and the possibility of life on other planets within the Milky Way Galaxy. This knowledge also makes it easier for someone to understand Egyptian deity mythologies.

First things first…

My Family Pie
My Family Pie

To watch the sky properly you need a good setup in your home. This is why we came up with idea of My Family Pie. The concept is to have a proper relations with all your family members. They need to know your fantasies, even if it’s observing the sky or not. We believe with proper approach to family things you can spend whole nights on doing the “gazing”. Are you done with this part? Continue below! 🙂

Handy Items That Will Enhance Your Sky Gazing Experience

An Observing Chair

Watching the night sky is a leisure activity that requires some degree of comfort. Standing for lengthy durations interferes with proper blood circulation. This leads to dizziness and bouts of fainting due to insufficient blood flow to the brain. One might also end up with tired legs and swollen ankles due to blood pooling around the feet.

To avoid backaches and discomfort, consider purchasing a reclining observing chair. This seat comes in a modest size that enables astronomers to watch the night sky from the comfort of their balconies.

A Folding Camp Table

If you’re planning to study constellations, particular stars, and the movements of the planets, you’ll probably need some tools. For example, maps, binoculars, a tablet, and maybe even some hot coffee! In order for you to access each item right when you need it, you need a suitable space to place your requirements. This is where the folding camp table comes in very handy.

Don’t be tempted to place fragile items below your chair because you might end up accidentally stepping on them. Purchasing a folding camp table will help you avoid stepping on costly binoculars and lets you have everything easily to hand.

A Portable Power Tank

Night sky watchers require either a computer or tablet to enable them to spot constellations, plot maps, and record observations. This detailed exercise takes time and devices require a good battery source, often necessitating additional power sources or reserves. Since most night sky watching events take place in open grounds with no ready access to electricity, you’ll need to be sure that your recording device or light source works at the moment you need it to.

Purchasing a power bank in advance will ensure that your smartphone has enough power to last the entire night. Amazon features some fantastic and really affordable power tanks for tablets and laptops.

Sky Observation Software

Sky watching software enables astronomers to keep track of specific celestial bodies throughout the year. It creates accurate maps enabling users to spot different constellations, and monitors their movement during different weather seasons. Another feature is that it gathers emerging news on upcoming meteor showers, eclipses, and rare events such as the next sighting of Halley’s Comet, solar and lunar eclipses and other astronomical happenings.


Owning the right tools will help you to capture fascinating sights conveniently. Plus, you don’t need to take out a loan in order to afford the tools described in this article. This sky watching equipment is economical in terms of space and can easily fit on your apartment balcony.

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