Sure everyone will agree that a telescope is a staggering instrument, opening a whole glut of possibilities. This optical instrument takes stargazing to the next level, and can sometimes serve as the best gift. However, if you are at that place where you finally decided you are getting one, you should read these useful tips first. Choosing the perfect telescope is a tough task, but buying the best possible first telescope can be easier than you thought.

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1. Don’t Get Carried Away With Magnification 

Magnification is the number of times an object is larger when seen through a telescope. For example, if magnification is 200, the object will appear 200 times larger. However, remember that not all sky objects are at the same distance. So the moon might look enormous, but the same does not apply for other stars.

Tripod Example

2. Don’t Neglect The Tripod 

This is a common mistakes among telescope lovers, especially inexperienced ones. Many telescopes come with clumsy tripods that get carried away by a small breeze. Not only will this affect your stargazing moment, but it can also damage your brand-new telescope. Owning a solid tripod is always an advantage.

3. Size Does Matter, But Which One?

Finally, when it comes to telescopes, the length of the aperture is neglective. However, the size of the mirror diameter is of great importance. The larger it is, the more lighting power you will get as the opening will be wider.

4. Think In Advance, Make It Portable

We just spoke about size. However, it is a known fact that you will always want to move to the next level. Your home terrace will soon become boring as you will get the desire to go on terrain. Always bear in mind, that a large instrument is quite time consuming. It might get tricky to load it in your trunk and even be exposed to damage due to its size. So, make it portable!

Finder Scope

5. Choose One With A Good Finder Scope 

A finder scope is a small auxiliary telescope, mounted on the main telescope. Thus, it will be much easier to point objects at night. However, it is important that you avoid all the tricky finder scopes out there. Some are very complicated and are very hard to align with the tube. You don’t want that!

6. Not All About The Power

Don’t be fooled by the salesman constantly bragging about the telescope’s power! Yes, high magnification sounds great, but as always, there is a catch! But, the light gathered spreads over a wider area, creating what is called a fainter image. On the other hand, some objects, such as clusters are better seen with lower power, due to their spreadness across the sky.

7. Play Smart With Your Money 

A good telescope is worth money. Some really nice scopes can be found for around $400, if you are lucky you might get something for even $250. However, if your budget is below that, better wait and collect more money. Be patient and buy a telescope that will meet your needs.

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