Putting A Diversity To Your Galactic Photo Album

Dalton Skygazer /14/11/2019

Over the years, the field of Astronomy has seen plenty of advancements in technology, the discovery of the celestial objects and the various phenomena. There is an extensive diversity that prevails in the astronomy domain that has plenty of knowledge and insights to offer to the people regarding the excellent events of celestial science. Galaxy Continue Reading

7 Useful Tips For Buying Your First Ever Telescope

Dalton Skygazer /12/06/2018

Sure everyone will agree that a telescope is a staggering instrument, opening a whole glut of possibilities. This optical instrument takes stargazing to the next level, and can sometimes serve as the best gift. However, if you are at that place where you finally decided you are getting one, you should read these useful tips first. Continue Reading

Great Tools I Recommend For Fellow Sky Lovers

Dalton Skygazer /12/01/2018

I’m going to explain to you why setting up the perfect place for your nighttime gazing is very important in our hobby. I think My Family Pie project has been very good for my needs, maybe it will help yours as well? I will also show you a few must-have tools that you can buy online. After all having a cozy and quality place to observe the cosmos is the most important, right? 🙂

Appreciate the Beauty of the Galaxy! The Wonders of Nature

Dalton Skygazer /29/09/2017

Galaxy Zoo is commemorated on 11th July. This citizen science project, part of the Zooinverse, has meant large numbers of fans have pooled all the information they know in order to classify large numbers of galaxies. Galaxies – those gravitational systems of stars, interstellar gas, dust and other things –  have some magnificent and mind-bending Continue Reading

Websites I Recommend For Space Exploration

Dalton Skygazer /31/08/2017

Everyone is fascinated by space. We always have new technological advancements that are brought about by ever increasing volumes of research, scientific observational work carried out by astronomers and even other space gurus. In as much as the research continues, it is not possible to have every bit of information that is documented by the Continue Reading

Beginner? What to look for in the night sky

Dalton Skygazer /12/07/2017

You have just received your first telescope and you are eager to try it out. Various astronomers and photographers who love viewing the galaxy have also known this feeling of joy mixed with excitement!. The universe beckons you to try and discover more of it through your newly acquired telescope. The universe has an array Continue Reading